Graphic design is my passion. Seriously. Isn’t it yours too, if you’re taking the time to read Design Shack? Whether you employ the phrase seriously or in jest, thereas a reasonably fun movement on the online of memes that depict this statement. and that they probably don’t appear as if what you’d expect.

When it involves graphic design, the meme Graphic Design is My Passion, is everything that’s wrong with (or bad about) design. And there’s a reason for that!

Origin :

On July 7th, 2014, Tumblr user Yungterra posted a picture of a cloudy sky with a green cartoon frog computer graphics and therefore the caption “graphic design is my passion” written within the Papyrus typeface. Over subsequent year, the post gained over 352,000 notes. The cartoon frog are often found on the clipart website Classroom Clipart,where it displays a copyright date of 2011.

Fundamentals of Graphic Designer :

The Fundamentals of Graphics Designer are the basis of every visual medium from fine art to modern web design.Even small detail like the fonts that make up most compositions.

Designer Job in The USA :

The most common places to find a job as a Graphic designer in the USA are:
New York,Chicago,Los Angeles,Houston,Phoenix,Philadelphia,San Antonio,San Diego,Dallas,San Jose,Austin,San Francisco,Etc.

Graphic Designer Job requirements in The USA :

  • Education level : College degree
  • IT literate : Necessary
  • Probation period : Very Often
  • Knowledge of Foreign languages : Necessary
  • Driver’s license : Not necessary

Graphic Designer job types in The USA :

*Full Time Job
*Part Time Job
*Contract Employment
*Self Employment
*Industry : Creative design jobs

Graphic Designer Working time and Paid leave :

*Working week : Monday – Friday
*Working Hours per week : 40
*Overtime working hours : Not frequently
*Flexible working hours : Yes
*Lunch break : Yes
*Paid vacation days : 20
*Paid public holidays : 0

Graphic Designer Salary :

U.S Avg Salary – USD 3935

I Think so its a good Knowledge of Graphic Designer and denotes to “Graphic Design is my Passion”

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