Hey guys Infopreneurr Blog here and today we’re going to be talking about Dropshipping.

So what is dropshipping ?

You probably hear Dropshipping all the time about this brand new method of making money online with Dropshipping without really putting any money up or without holding any inventory well this is what that is dropshipping.

It seems like an elaborate system but it’s really not and it’s quite simple. So if you allow me to explain here as you can see over here,

We have here supplier so that’s you’re going to be purchasing a wholesale from and keep in mind there are two different prices inside there’s wholesale and there’s retail.
Wholesale is what you the seller is buying for and retail is what you’re selling for so your customer over here buys retail price and you buy wholesale price.

So here’s how the system works first you purchase or you find the product from a supplier so you go on Aliexpress or ebay or even any American drop shipping companies and so you just find the product, so you find your product and you list it on your webstore and keep in mind you’re buying this product for wholesale say two dollars a piece and you’re selling it to your customer for retail say twelve dollars a piece.

Okay the next step is your customer buys the product from you so your customer goes to your store and he or she buys the twelve dollar priced item, okay next step is you take that order and you send it to the supplier, so once the supplier has your order, what they do then is they directly ship to your customer.

What this means is throughout this whole process of Dropshipping you’re not touching a single piece of inventory all you are doing is hosting Dropshipping service and driving the traffic to it, you’re driving the customer to your Dropshipping store and then you’re sending the order from your store to the supplier and they take care of the rest it’s very simple very easy to do.

I actually want to show you a example right now so we go over here we can see websites.

So Dropshipping sites like this is kind of just a bunch of different niches that they found on Shopify and they’re probably using Facebook Ads or different advertising source to drive traffic. But the problem is it all there’s no niche to it.

You know Dropshipping Store is not like moms love this or boho gypsy knuckle rings you know they have knuckle rings, they have necklaces, they have Luke Bryan like those don’t go together but what I’m trying to show you is that the pieces they have here for 12.95(Dollar).

What they do is they go here and they go to Aliexpress or they can buy the same exact rings for 2.85(Dollar). So what am I trying to show you hereā€¦I’m trying to show you here that Aliexpress is a supplier.
Dropshipping store is this store right here, with trendy things and they’re selling you for $12, so like I said before with the two prices you have your supplier Aliexpress selling it for 2.85 that’s a wholesale price and you have this store.

We’re buying it for 2.85 but selling it for 12.95 which is their retail price so what happens is when I buy this all they have to do is come here press buy now and fill out shipping information, address, their credit card my and they ship it to me directly.

Aliexpress being the wholesale supplier the store I just showed you where the Dropshipping stores where you sell for retail and whenever the customer buys from retail you just send it to your wholesale supplier now send the product directly to your customer and that’s pretty much rundown and dropshipping.

Right see you guys later Infopreneurr Blogg.